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The Straw Comes From The Nature itself!

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

A small Farm from France shows how simple and beautiful these straws are. the straw comes from the nature itself. WHY DO WE PRODUCE PLASTIC OR ANY OTHER STRAWS IF REAL STRAWS ALREADY GROWN IN THE NATURE? as the video shows, after #GreenStraws are harvested, it assorting, cutting in specific lenghts all by hand. isn't it great? then 2,3 different cleaning process and sterilizing and then getting dry under the sun which means naturally again. there is no any kind of chemicals in #GreenStraw processing and that's why we call it ALL NATURAL.

That’s how we are turning agricultural waste into a valued product.

These straws can really make the change for our planet.

and after you use and enjoy your drink, they will happily return to the nature where they came from.


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