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SAY NO to Plastic & paper straws ; In US alone, Over 500 million plastic are used daily and over 5 billion trees cut down each year. 

reducing use of the worlds' plastic straw becoming a huge trend , and for great reason! Unfortunately, single-use plastic straws ended up in our landfills and oceans, Most plastic straws simply break into ever-smaller particles, releasing chemicals into the soil, air, and water that are harmful to animals, plants, people, and the environment. 

on the other hand, cutting trees destroys animal habitats, decreases amount of oxygen in atmosphere, destroys plants that may be cures for diseasesTrees give us oxygen, it will be like cutting off oxygen supply. Long story short, Life could not exist on Earth without trees.

Our Environmentally Eco-Friendly bulk straw are made from a by-product of wheat production. After wheat is harvested, the decomposable stalks are used for various purposes such as animal feed, however , these stalks still have value. We reclaim this material and use it to make our wheat straw products. These Straws are fully compostable/Biodegradable reducing environmental impact on the earth. they are All Natural, gluten-Free and we use no chemical in our manufacturing process. Also, GreenStraws are never get soggy or soft in just a short time, these are slighty reusable and strong enough to be used for couple drinks before being thrown away, and after you finished, they will happily return to the Earth where they came from

We are glad to lunch our product and share with you to make the world Green again. your choice helps to protect our planet.

Hope you will enjoy it

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